Originál.  Kupujte jedinečnost.
So hard to keep it inside.
You endure by clutching teeth. Checking the stamina... Leaving away with the thought, the farther you go, the less your heart will shrink, the easier it will be to breathe. What is a next f**king stereotype, what a canon that has arisen to dispel spiritual impulses?! - distance parts, time heals.
Perhaps it will stop talking, yelling as before, just numb, but not disappear. One instant, unexpected, fateful meeting is enough - everything will be thrown out...
And you play on a staid, adult, calm fellow. After all, today they flatter, they deify the strong... not babies crying cause of scratches, not screaming in the rage of madmen.
Stop pretending what you are not. You're the same crazy kid who just went numb.
You can seem calm, but inside are exploding.
43 x 51 cm
13000 Kč
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Heyran Mustafayeva (professional name Mustafazade / Mustafa-Zade) was born in Baku, August 11th, 1992. On her young age she attended various courses for individual development and improving her skills as a young artist. She was a student of Fine Arts classes of the Palace for Creativity of Youth and Children by Tofiq Ismayilov in Baku, Azerbaijan for 9 years, 3 years a soloist of the national dance ensemble “Jujelerim” (“Chicks”), 5 years a student of piano classes of Music School No 16. (honours graduation). She participated and became the laureate of more than 30 local and international art projects.

After becoming a student of Baku Slavic University in 2009, she started cooperation with the biggest student organization in Azerbaijan (ASYOU - Azerbaijan Student Youth Organizations’ Union) and after a year became a staff member in the organization as the Art director and Senior Designer. She is the author of graphic visualization of the biggest projects of ASYOU for the years 2010-2012 (as Summer and Winter Schools of Leadership, Univision, “Students’ Spring” etc.)
During her work in ASYOU she presented her motherland and was certificated in different international youth projects as in Azerbaijan, also abroad on topics of team leading, project management, social work, international dialogue, intellectual games, historical sciences and arts, foreign languages etc. During her student years she took place in projects in Russia, Georgia, FYR of Macedonia, Hungary, Czechia etc.

Heyran graduated her bachelor honours degree on Faculty of International Relations and Region Studies in 2013 and applied for the master to university in the Czech Republic where she moved and lives till now. In 2016 she successfully graduated master degree on Faculty of Arts of Ostrava University (Modern Economic and Social History) and was invited to the capital to work on the position of Senior Graphic Designer and Offline Marketing Specialist at LeoExpress company.

Till 2020 being a polyglot and specialist in different spheres Heyran had opportunity to have professional practice of her first education of diplomacy in projects of Youth Foundation (project manager), Public Television (ITV - “Eurovision Song Contest 2012” – team leader and host chaperone for Austria), Baku Media Center (Hugo Boss – chaperone for Jamie Dornan and his agents), Baku Slavic University (operator in Center for Czech language and culture), Ostrava University (chaperone for Chinese Exchange program), foreign languages tutor in the companies as SANIT, Mluvime.eu. SMART Language and Training Center and historian in Archive of Ostrava.
As graphic designer and artist freelancer she cooperated with Tekan (Impetus) Youth Union in project of Azerbaijani fairytales (artist-illustrator), IM Design (junior designer for government projects), “Tenqid.net” literary critics journal (artist – cooperation still goes on), Ostrava University (designer of book publications and author of visualisation of other university projects), “UnderGarden” Amateur Theatre in underground Vzorkovna Club (artist-author of the frescos), YeniSi (NeWest) Center for Literary and Cultural Manifestations (Art director – cooperation till now).

From 2018 Heyran works in EuroCross company (Czech republic), from 2019 she is a student of Graphic Arts and Painting in Art & Design Institute in Prague (bachelor degree). Nowadays Heyran is Prague based artist taking place in different international contests, spending her full time to art and planning two personal exhibitions in the city.
21 x 29 cm
43 x 51 cm
11000 Kč
vodové barvy
29 x 41 cm