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How to send a piece of work


Do you want to send a piece of your art, you cannot deliver it personally and you don´t know how to work it out? Then exactly for you we have some basic advice, how to send a painting or other piece of art. The essential point is to choose a suitable wrapping and a carrier.

1. How to do it - well, shipping is a field of its own that has its own experts. We are dealing with few companies, for example Česká pošta, PPL, GLS, DHL, UPS, DPD and recently also an internet service ZASLAT.CZ.

2. Our recommendation - first of all, focus on wrapping your piece of work. If it concerns a small painting or reproduction (up to 25x35 cm), make sure you wrap it in between two cardboards overlapping at least 2 cm over the size of the frame. You should also buy an appropriate envelope, preferably bubble mailer and seal it right after putting in the picture. In case of bigger size of a painting or reproduction, it is better to roll it up into a hard tube case and send it this way. If you want to send other piece of art (statuettes, vases, ceramic products, busts and so on), we recommend to use new double layer cardboard boxes in a suitable size. Used boxes can be damaged and provide lower protection for your delivery, but can be used if necessary. While packaging, you should use as much padding as bubble film of foam as possible to avoid free movement of objects in a package not even in case of swift movement. Every layer of padding is another layer of protection. It is recommended at least 5 cm from the box side. You can use well creased newspaper as a stopgap measure, but the risk of damage gets higher. Then you should put a strong scotch tape over all flaps and joints carefully and thoroughly. We recommend putting it also on all edges of the box and over old scotch if the box has been already used.

3. Price of shipping - it is a complicated issue. Price depends on various specifications as size, weight, place of dispatch and place of destination. We can show an example of a painting of 80x60x4 cm size weighing 3kg, insured for the amount of 10,000 CZK, place of dispatch being Prague and the destination Brno. Česká pošta (Czech Post) will deliver the package for 117 CZK (to post office) or 152 CZK (to hand), Parcel SHOP and DPD for 137 CZK, GLS for 171 CZK, and TOPTRANS for 229 CZK. It is up to you what you what the price will be. The website zaslat.cz offers an excellent service, where after entering all parameters everything is counted and you get selection of carriers.

4. Check it - before choosing a carrier make sure that they will insure sufficiently your delivery, how much the insurance is and up to what amount a carrier provides insurance.

5. Don´t forget - it´s up to you how well you pack your piece of art, how much you lower the risk of damage. While accepting your delivery by Online Gallery people, we pay attention on a due takeover and above all on due delivery of your work to a buyer. That´s why we carefully check each piece of work, make photos for possible complaints and store all data. In case of a possible damage observed during delivery takeover we will inform you and we will not accept such a delivery.

Final advice - in case of doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us on: info@onlinegallery.shop